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29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ –The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS) today released preliminary results of an online survey to better understand what clinicians and the public think about how to solve the opioid epidemic. Improving Health & Safety Through Innovation and Awareness. More The survey was prompted by the recent letter sent by the interview verbal skills Surgeon General to physicians in the US urging them to take a part in combating the opioid epidemic. On the Surgeon General website , healthcare providers are encouraged to help solve the opioid epidemic – “Our nation faces an opioid crisis. Health care providers are uniquely positioned to help communities and their patients #TurnTheTide on the opioid epidemic.” “More than 85% of the survey respondents were either a doctor or other clinician,” said Michael Wong, JD (Executive Director, PPAHS). “Please note that these are preliminary results of the survey. Final results may differ from these preliminary findings.” The preliminary results show that survey respondents believed that: Physician over-prescribing of opioids is the major contributor to the opioid epidemic. Doctors should lead the fight against the opioid epidemic. To view the infograph, please click here .

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Families can use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to import tax information directly into the FAFSA form. Current college students who already used their 2015 income and tax information to apply for financial aid last year still need to reapply. The information does not automatically carry over. 3. Be Mindful of Deadlines The federal deadline to more tips here submit an application for financial aid is still June 30, but states and schools have their own deadlines and many are before the federal cut-off. The Department of Education find out here expects most http://abckatherinerobinson.denaliinstitute.org/2016/08/03/some-emerging-opportunities-in-identifying-details-of-vocation state and school deadlines will stay the same as last year, but applicants can check on the FAFSA website and on school websites. In Florida, the FAFSA form must be processed by May 15, 2017. A few states that offer first-come, first-served financial aid , like Illinois, Texas and the Carolinas, will start doling out aid sooner, so in these states it may be in a students best interest to apply as soon as possible after October 1. 4. Changes Could Mean Earlier College Decisions Because students can apply for federal aid sooner, some colleges and universities will be able to let students know about financial aid and scholarships earlier than in previous years.

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